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Dear Jim,
Having been a college president from 1994-2009, I never imagined I would be a student again. That said, I truly enjoyed and valued the week in Indianapolis. Going in, I had a good feel for the need for a good case and a good plan. What I came away with was a sharper appreciation for not only cultivating but identifying and engaging mutually known second and third parties in the cultivation process – building the bridge and forging the bond of common interests and shared values. I wish you the best in your important work.



US Naval Institute

A. Denis Clift
Executive Vice President for Development 291 Wood Road | Annapolis MD 21402

Jim Gillespie is a delight! Terrific speaker and a good man. Wildly entertaining and enrapturing in his methodology. —A Fund Raising School participant.

Jim is a great facilitator with good real world examples and great technical skills. He was never boring. —A Fund Raising School participant.

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